Chiriță și Asociații has offered consulting and legal assistance to a number of over 700 clients, in over 1000 disputes before the Courts of Law or prosecution bodies. Our law firm has also offered legal advice to a number of over 100 commercial societies, natural persons, associations or other organizations, one-off projects, as well as under the form of permanent consultancy.

When it comes to legal advice, our society has offered permanent legal advice to certain Romanian or foreign companies that operate in areas such as IT, the pharmaceutical industry, medical clinics, construction work, livestock farming, international transports etc.

In the administrative, civil or commercial cases in which we represented our clients, we were successful in getting court orders whereby a bank was compelled to pay damages for failing to meet its obligations related to the financing of European projects; an agreement for assignment of disputed rights was terminated for lack of cause; a tax decision received by a radio station for alleged tax offenses was annulled; a decision to cancel the VAT code as a result of tax offenses was annulled; fraudulent acts in insolvency proceedings were annulled etc.

In legal disputes, the most common offences that have been the object of the criminal cases in which we have been involved as lawyers are economic (tax evasion, money laundering, embezzlement, offences of the corporate law, cyber-crime etc.), of corruption or treated as those of corruption (abuse of office, taking bribes, bribery, influence peddling etc.), but also specialised areas such as offenses concerning the railway safety, the offences being based on explosions due to natural gases, offences related to drug trafficking, offences related to the gambling industry, offences of electoral nature etc.

We have obtained favourable important decisions for our clients from the criminal courts in many of the cases we have been involved in: ICJJ has confirmed the resolve of the Cluj Court of Appeal of restitution of a file to DNA for irregularities of the indictment aimed at judges accused of influence peddling and abuse of office; the Alba Court of Appeal has confirmed a resolve of acquittal for abuse of office of which bank clerks were accused of since the deed was not laid down by the criminal law; the Cluj Court of Appeal has ordered the acquittal of a person accused of drug trafficking since the deed has been caused by state operatives; ICCJ has ordered the acquittal of certain lawyers initially convicted for blackmailing committed via comments published on the internet; ICCJ has ordered the abolition of a sentence of the Bucharest Court of Appeal and its new trial for the violation of the random distribution of the files regulations; the Cluj Court of Appeal has ordered, twice consecutively, the abolition of a sentence of the Cluj Tribunal and sending to new trial for the inability to justify the sentence; the Brașov Court of Appeal has ordered the exclusion of certain evidence administered in other files, for violation of the defendant’s right to defence etc.

In the procedures before ECHR we have obtained favourable judgements in cases concerning the violation of the right to a fair trial as a result of quoting through advertising of a commercial society; violation of the right to a fair trial as a result of sentencing a person without being heard by the court that has sentenced him; violation of the right to family life by the refusal of a detained person to participate to her husband’s funeral etc.