General Legal Consulting

General Legal Consulting

Our company offers a wide range of general legal consulting services addressed mainly to companies and public institutions.

General legal consultancy includes:

  • drawing up the necessary documents for setting up a company or modifying the articles of incorporation or other statutory acts
  • drafting, negotiating or verifying commercial contracts or other types of legal acts
  • consultancy provided to HR departments within companies to ensure compliance with labour law
  • assisting the governing bodies at the general meetings of the shareholders or the meetings of the boards of directors
  • legal audit of legal departments within some companies or public institutions
  • preparing the necessary materials for procedures for the division, merger or acquisition of some businesses or companies
  • due diligence

General legal advice is usually granted on a permanent basis, but may also be granted occasionally or for a single project. Our significant practice in this area includes general legal advice provided by a permanent manner, among others, to the following significant clients:

  1. Over ten IT companies, among the leaders of the local IT services market
  2. Some companies in the field of international freight transport, among the leaders of the national market
  3. An autonomous administration who manages an international airport
  4. A company in the field of industrial production, leader of the local market
  5. A gambling company, leader of the local market
  6. An important sports club, with multiple national titles
  7. A company in the field of chemical industry