IT and IP Law

IT and IP Law

Lawyers from SCA Chiriţă and Associates enjoy a wide practical experience in The lawyers within SCA „Chiriță și Asociații” enjoy a vast practical experience in the area of intellectual and IT property, having been confronted with various legal problems faced by our clients that own both national and multinational companies on these matters.

Undoubtedly, the permanent development of technology attracts the continuous need to implement elements of IT in the activity of any company. Whether it is a company with a specific IT profile or a website owner for personal or e-commerce purposes or anything that means IT activity, our company can offer consultancy in any such situation.

Computer law most often generates incursions of intellectual property rights, which require increased protection in the computer environment.

Specifically, the lawyers of our company have provided advice either in the form of drafting or negotiating contracts in the field of computer law such as outsourcing contracts (hardware/software), webhosting contracts, software distribution contracts, drafting terms and conditions, IT development contracts and others, either in the form of legal audit, by identifying and managing the legal risk to which a certain computer activity is subjected.

Our lawyers intervene in all litigation related to the field of computer law, especially in those related to IT projects (outsourcing, system integration, software implementation, etc.), in those related to counterfeiting and intellectual property, unfair competition, in those related to the security of computer systems, but also in crimes committed via the internet.

Also, in the field of intellectual property, the legal advice provided to our clients includes in addition to assisting in the procedure for obtaining intellectual property rights (for example, regarding software, multimedia, databases), registration of patents or trademarks (including trademarks in the European Union), as well as during the protection of rights phase, by exercising the actions for the preservation of the intellectual property rights. Specifically, the activities we undertake in the field of intellectual property include but are not limited to fulfilling the legal formalities for websites (domain names, mandatory information, etc.) or obtaining licenses in various fields, such as gambling.

Our significant practice includes legal advice provided to local leaders in the IT services market in Cluj Napoca; a gambling company, a local market leader; an industrial production company with patents in the field.