Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Our law firm offers legal assistance in criminal procedures to natural and legal persons, regardless of the quality held in the procedure, respectively suspect, defendant, civilly responsible party, injured party or civil party.

From the establishment of the company until now, in the activity carried out we have represented the interests of our clients in files with different degrees of complexity, having as object offenses provided by the Criminal Code, but also from special laws, of which we mention Law no. 78/2000 regarding the prevention, discovery and sanctioning of corruption acts, Law no. 241/2005 for the prevention and combating of tax evasion, Law no. 656/2002 for the prevention and sanctioning of money laundering, Law no. 86/2006 regarding the Customs Code, Law no. 143/2000 on combating trafficking and illicit drug use, Government Emergency Ordinance no. 195/2002 regarding the circulation on public roads and so on.

The case law of the company comprises both criminal offenses committed with negligence or recklessness and intentional offenses with a more or less specialized mode of operation, targeting white-collar crime, destruction by explosion or arson, trafficking or smuggling, safety and transport on railways, medical malpractice etc.

With the experience gained, our team is prepared to provide specialized services in front of prosecutor’s offices and courts, throughout the country and even at European level if necessary.

Our specific activity includes the entire range of legal documents, starting with the formulation of the defence strategy, followed by the drafting of the specific documents: complaints, requests, reports, exceptions, as well as arguing them before the judicial bodies.

The legal assistance covers all phases of the criminal procedure, from criminal investigation, to the trial in, in the ordinary and extraordinary ways of appeal and execution of sentence, including in procedures involving preventive measures, such as preventive arrest or home arrest, judicial control or even seizure of assets or garnishment measures.

We also have a broad practice in notifying the Constitutional Court with exceptions of unconstitutionality of the legal texts, of the High Court of Cassation and Justice with the pronouncement of the preliminary decisions for the clarification of some legal problems, of the Court of Justice of the European Union with the pronouncement of the preliminary decisions and of the European Court of Human Rights in the situation of violation of the fundamental rights and freedoms provided by the Convention.

Our company is probably among the most experienced law firms in Romania in the field of criminal law, being involved in many high impact cases. We have ensured the defence of our clients in hundreds of criminal cases, obtaining some innovative legal decisions. We have participated in numerous criminal proceedings outside Romania, especially in the United Kingdom, Italy or Sweden.