Corporate and Insolvency

Corporate and Insolvency

Our firm has a large number of commercial, multinational or even international companies in its portfolio. Consequently, over time we have provided legal advice on any corporate legal issue, such as negotiations, transactions or acquisitions, public or private.

Our services in this matter consist both in legal consultancy in the form of drafting company documents or contracts (execution of works, enterprise, service provision, etc.) and in the form of representing the clients’ interests in various commercial disputes born from the legal relationships that clients have with third-party companies.

At the same time, our activity also aims to provide legal advice in matters concerning competition law, both in order to prevent possible sanctions applied by the Competition Council by carrying out the legal audit, but also in the case such sanctions are applied, by representing before the courts in the stage of challenging the sanction.

In the field of insolvency and bankruptcy, our company enjoys great results in supporting the interests of creditors, but also in supporting the debtor companies, through permanent assistance in the insolvency proceedings.

Our activity in the field of insolvency and bankruptcy is materialized both in the drafting of legal acts, such as procedural positions, appeals, reorganization plan, etc. as well as assisting the creditors in the procedure in order to recover debts with which they are registered with in the bankruptcy fund.

We remind you that one of our company partners is an insolvency practitioner, so we can provide clients with insolvency management or liquidation services.