About Us

About Us

The „Chiriță și Asociații” Law Firm from Cluj Napoca has an experience of over 6 years on the law market of Romania. Within the private law firm over 20 lawyers carry out their activity, as well as external collaborators and experts. Starting with 2011, we have offered legal advice for tens of Romanian and foreign commercial societies. Equally, our lawyers have offered legal advice and clients’ representation in few hundred cases found on the act of the Romanian courts, prosecution, Constitutional Court or the European Court of Human Rights.

Protecting the interests of our customers is our only priority, and our legal knowledge and experience have built a pragmatic approach and a strong culture in achieving efficiency in any legal problem. Our values in the relationship with the clients are best described by availability, adaptability and professionalism at every step, values that converge towards the setting of a mutual trust based relationship.

We always value the Three Pillars our firm relies on:

Commitment to Excellence

Passion for Justice

Desire for Innovation