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Welcome to Chiriță and associates !


Our firm is offering legal services integrated into all of the Law’s areas, at a national level, through specialized lawyers. We do not know if we are the best law firm on the market, but we try to take part in every court case, regarding every client and every matter.

Why contact us ?

Specialized Lawyers

Our specialized lawyers are specialized in diverse areas of Law and on diverse categories of disputes so that we can cover in a professional way every single need of the client’s.

Openness to New

Our firm appreciates and forces innovation. We don’t always choose the beaten paths of the Law, but try to offer new and innovative solutions to our clients.

We work at a National Level

No matter the area of Law you need lawyer services for, from specialized legal advice up to criminal disputes, our firm can assist you no matter the locality you live in.

We speak your Language

Our firm has a significant portfolio of foreign clients. We are specialized on the legal support of foreign companies in their entry on the Romanian market. Our lawyers speak English, French, German, Hungarian and Spanish.


Chiriță și Asociații has offered consulting and legal assistance to a number of over 700 clients, in over 1000 disputes before the Courts of Law or prosecution bodies. Our law firm has also offered legal advice to a number of over 100 commercial societies, natural persons, associations or other organizations, one-off projects, as well as under the form of permanent consultancy.