Radu Chiriță

Radu Chiriță

Managing Partner

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Radu Chiriţă is the coordinating partner of Chiriţă şi asociaţii. Radu Chiriță has graduated the Law School of the Cluj-Napoca Babeș-Bolyai University, where he presently carries out his didactic activity as an associate professor in the area of constitutional law and human rights, after several years of teaching criminal law. Between 2010 and 2016 he was the director of the law school’s Public Law Department.

In 2007, Radu Chiriță has obtained the Doctor of Law title with the “A right to a Fair Trial” thesis, also being the author of over 20 books and 50 specialty articles on the theme of human rights and that are aimed mainly at the European Convention of Human Rights and ECHR case law/ jurisprudence. Together with Professor Florin Streteanu, he published the first Romanian monography regarding the criminal liability of legal persons. In 2008 he published one of the most important papers concerning the European Convention on Human Rights.

Throughout his career as a litigating lawyer, he has represented clients both before the ECHR’s Grand Chamber and before the CJEU’s Grand Chamber. He coordinated within our company teams that ensured the defence of clients in more than 300 criminal cases, their immense majority having as object corruption and economic crimes. Among the most relevant cases in which Radu Chiriţă ensured the protection of the clients’ interests are:

  • Representation in litigation against the state or some public institutions of victims of abuses of the authorities by which the fundamental rights of the persons were affected
  • Assisting in criminal trials ministers, presidents of county councils, mayors, representatives of important commercial companies, market leaders in their fields of activity, magistrates, lawyers, notaries and businessmen in all phases of a criminal trial
  • Assisting a railway company in a criminal case resulting from a railway accident
  • Assisting a public authority in a criminal case resulting from an explosion
  • Representation of dozens of applicants before the ECHR
  • Representation of parties before the Tribunal of the Court of Justice of the European Union

Radu Chiriţă was a member of the Oxford Reports on International Law in Domestic Courts network, coordinated by the University of Oxford. He was also a legal expert of the Presidential Commission for the conviction of the Communism and a member or expert in numerous research and implementation projects in the scientific area.

Radu Chirita is an expert in several criminal cases regarding Romanian citizens carried out in front of the courts from Great Britain.

Radu Chiriță is a fluent speaker of French and English.