The lawyers of the firm “Chiriță & Associates” have a solid experience in insolvency and bankruptcy law.

Our lawyers offer legal advice services during the reorganization procedure both for the debtor and the creditor.

We assist clients during preventive procedures in the vicinity of insolvency (the preventive concordat, the ad hoc mandate) (continued), but also in collective procedures (the insolvency procedure, the judicial reorganization procedure, bankruptcy). Assisting the debtors materializes in the selection of preventive procedures and their implementation, negotiating with creditors, monitoring the collective procedure.

As to the creditors, the law firm “Chiriță & Associates” offers legal advice services and representation for the protection of their interests.

Also, we provide legal advice to buyers who are in the process of purchasing distressed companies.

Our lawyers represent clients in legal disputes concerning the liability of persons who caused the insolvency and in any other litigation related to insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings.