Since we started our firm, we have had the pleasure and privilege of providing lawyering services to a significant number of clients, which have covered the most important areas of specialization of our lawyers and collaborators. The fact that most of them recommended us to other clients is the greatest achievement of our firm and our highest satisfaction as lawyers.

In the area of criminal law, we assisted:

  • persons accused of corruption offences or other offences assimilated to corruption (abuse of office, giving and taking of bribes, influence peddling etc.)
  • persons accused of economic crimes (tax evasion, contract fraud offences, offences stipulated in the check law, embezzlement, fraudulent mismanagement etc.)
  • persons accused of cybercrimes, drug trafficking or organized crime
  • clients accused of manslaughter or road traffic offences
  • aggrieved parties of traffic accidents.

We have provided and continue to provide ongoing legal advice services to:

  • multinational IT companies
  • financial and business consulting companies
  • companies operating in the IT field
  • companies that develop online game systems
  • companies with businesses in the field of energy industry, textile industry or conducting construction activities

We have registered patents and trademarks and we have created a system of protection of intellectual and industrial property for IT companies.

We have offered legal advice and represented clients in numerous insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings, during which we have tried to protect the legal interests of our clients, whether they were debtors, creditors or even judicial liquidators in these proceedings.

In the area of criminal business law, we have assisted and offered legal advice to legal persons as clients on the organisation of their activity in conditions of certain lawfulness in order to create internal procedures which would prevent the commission of offences by employees or collaborators in risk areas, such as online activities or financial consulting activities. We have provided assistance and legal advice on setting up off-shore companies in order for them to conduct in a completely legal way activities in the field of online gambling.

In the proceedings before the ECHR, we represent dozens of clients who are victims of violations of their fundamental rights, from former members of the European Parliament convicted by Romanian courts to journalists whose freedom of speech was infringed by judgments pronounced against them. We have filed complaints with the ECHR for multiple violations of the right to a fair trial, of the right to property, the right to freedom of association, the right to private life or of other rights and fundamental freedoms.

In real estate, we have assisted foreign companies in the development of major real estate projects.