Legal Advice

Legal Advice

No doubt that any entity, be it a natural person or firm, needs occasionally or constantly, diverse forms of legal assistance or advice from a lawyer.

Legal Advice can materialize in the negotiation, wording or annotation of contracts or of other legal documents (such as regulations, agreements or protocols, etc.), as well as under the form of legislative reports meant to inform the client in regard of a certain legal problem he is facing, either be it a fiscal or administrative problem or a day-to-day situation that implies the intervention of some law concepts.

The SCA „Chiriță și Asociații” Association is currently offering permanent advice to an impressive number of companies, which is why its practical experience is extended and which has the possibility to cover any type of situation the client may be facing.

The lawyers of our society have the necessary instruments for the assistance in the current activity of any society, but also for the preparation of due diligence reports, for assistance and advice in the field of off-shore companies or any other less usual activities.

The advice can be made both occasionally, in regard to a certain project of our clients, and also on a permanent basis.