Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Our Law Firm offers Legal Assistance in the criminal proceedings of the natural and legal persons, no matter their quality in the case, respectively suspect, the defendant, party incurring civil, the injured party or civil party.

From its establishment and until now, in the conducted activity we have represented the interests of our clients in cases various degrees of complexity, having as object offences laid down in the Criminal Code, but also special laws, of which we remember Law nr. 78/2000 concerning the prevention, discovery and sanction of corruption offences, Law nr. 241/2005 for the prevention and combat of tax evasion, Law nr. 656/2002 for the prevention and sanction of money laundering, Law nr. 86/2006 concerning the Customs Code, Law nr. 143/2000 concerning the combat of illegal traffic and use of drugs, OUG nr. 195/2002 regarding the movement on public roads etc.

The society’s caseload encompasses second-degree offences as well as intended offences with a more or less specialised modus operandi, aimed at the white collars’ specific criminality, destruction by explosion or arson/ fire, traffic or smuggling, safety and transport on the railways, medical malpractice etc.

With the backing of the acquire experience, our team is prepared to provide special services before Public Prosecutions and Courts of Law, throughout the country and at European level, even at the same time, if necessary.

Our specific activity includes the entire range of legal documents, starting with the wording of the defence strategy, followed by the wording of the specific documents: complaints, requests, pleadings, exceptions, as well as their support before the judicial bodies.

Legal Assistance covers all stages of the criminal trial, from prosecution to the trial in court, in the ordinary and extraordinary ways of remedy and enforcement, including in procedures that imply preventive measures, respectively seizure, and attachment.

We also have a vast practice in the referral to the Constitutional Court with exceptions of unconstitutional state of the legal texts, the High Court of Cassation of Justice/ Supreme Court with the judgements of prior decisions for the acquittal of certain matters of Law, the Court of Justice of the European Union with the judgement of preliminary decisions and the European Court of Human Rights is the situation of the violation of the rights and fundamental freedoms laid down in the Convention.